Put Neuroplasticity To Your Use..!

We all like to be smarter. Is your brain power something you were born with? Can you change it? Can you become more intelligent?

Read on.

What Is Neuroplasticity?


The brain physically can change itself to better adapt to changes in behavior, environment, neural processes, thinking, and emotions – as well as to changes resulting from bodily injury. This is roughly what is neuroplasticity.

Why Does It Matter?

Your brain does not stay the same, it changes. The number of neurons in the brain decreases with mental inactivity. If we don’t care to use the brain, it is more efficient to cut the capacity and save energy. It is similar to how a muscle would adapt with use. You either use it or lose it.  However, You can use this same phenomenon to your advantage. In contrary to what most of us know about our brain, our mental capabilities are not entirely what we are born with.Anyone can increase Agility, Attention, Memory, Creativity, Coordination or Problem Solving skills with proper training. It sounds less easy than it really is. Our thoughts, curiosity and exceptional thinking skills made us who we are.Do you find memorizing simple things(like grocery list?!)impossible? Wouldn’t it be nice to have better memory?,wouldn’t it be awesome if you could solve calculations faster?, instead of depending on your calculator? Anyone can achieve significant differences with only as small as a month of training. There are people who even relearned walking after periods of paralysis through brain training(yes, that’s true and possible). All it takes is a little bit of will power. Brain training actually can be a lot of fun. The younger you are, the faster you’ll get results.

So What Should We Do and How long Does It Take?


It is fascinating how fast and how much of a difference we can make through brain  training. It only takes less than ten hours to notice an improvement and It takes less than a month to really improve your skills “Redesign My Brain” is an interesting series that shows the remarkable effects of brain training.


Do these to start brain training :

Games and Apps


There are numerous apps out there for brain training, these are basically like games, so you never feel bored doing this. The ones that I like are Elevate(the best) and Lumosity. Don’t worry about the paid premium membership, free trials are effective and interesting. You can install them both for maximum results.

Be Open To New Experiences


By having new experiences and thought patterns, more new neural pathways form in the brain and it makes you more creative and think faster.

  • Eat different things, know different tastes
  • Travel more often
  • Do things differently(like, brush with your other hand)
Be Curious

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Remember your childhood? You were so curious. You learned everything so fast and you created a ‘Blue Print’ that probably exists till today.  You probably learned more in that period than any other time in your life. Be curious and feed your curiosity. Get into the learning mode often. Read books of your interests. Ask yourself how much do you really know. Google all your doubts(this will make you a better researcher too).

Try explaining everything to yourself mentally. Guess the meaning of a new word you see, guess why things happen the way it is before you find out what it is. Learn as many things as you can.The internet is your friend. Watch these youtube channels to learn while entertained : Vsauce, Veritasium, MinutePhysics(of course There are a lot of other channels but, start with these)

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Encourage Positive Thinking


Research suggests positive thinking pattern reduces stress, facilitates faster and better bodily functions and brain development. Think like a happy child. Some believe positive thinking even reduces tumours.

Stop Using The Calculator

Don’t use calculator for simple math calculation, get used to mentally solving your simple tasks and get better at it(you may use your calculator later to see if you did well).

See the World in Different Perspectives


Have you imagined what would it be like to see the world as an orangutan? Try to see things differently, refer The Six Thinking Hats.

Write a Journal


This can tremendously improve your Emotional Intelligence. EI makes life happy, successful and content. Writing a journal makes us rethink our day and learn from the mistakes.It makes you more aware of who you really are…I strongly recommend to start writing a journal. You can find many apps for that. But I recommend Diaro. Using an app is better because it is safer(you can separately lock the app), easier and efficient. Emphasize good things in your journal. Start writing and see the change..!!

Take Care of Yourself


Eat well, sleep well, do what makes you happy more often.

Be responsible.

These tips will definitely make you smarter and better.

Commit to something instead of roaming around in sites looking for the same thing. Do it and Stick to it.

Appreciate The Changes You See.